‘It is in the spectator that the dramatic work of art is actually born - born at the time it is experienced, and it is differently experienced by every member of the audience. The beginning of a dramatic work of art is not upon the stage or even in a book. It is created at that moment when it is experienced as movement of form in time and space.'
This text was written in 1909 by the German director George Fuchs. Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink (2008) writes that Fuchs wrote his book at a time when artists in the theater were reflecting on how theater could differ from other art forms such as film. And how the theater could once again become a place where life as it is experienced every day could have a place. Now - more than a decade later - this question is topical again.
Concept : Jolein Kop & Tom Heintz 
Online environment and connector : Ian Biscoe
Performers : Eva Rose Geia Huisman, Jan de beer & Ewoud van der Kamp
Sound and Technical support : Sven Lijssen and Rob Ten Broek